Energy Audit

Saving Up To 50%

Want to find out the potential savings on your existing utility systems (vacuum, blower, compressor, chiller, Nitrogen)? Contact us for enery audit and possible demo too. Demo would be from our range of high efficiency equipment and systems.

Typical measurement would take approximately two (2) weeks, follow by report, recommendations and discussion. Energy audit will not disturb the on going production process.

It is possible to save up to 50% with our latest high efficiency vacuum pump, together with process optimisation. The whole idea is as simple as using high efficiency equipment and match the demand – no less no more.

Energy Audit Service typically includes the following scope:

  • Intial site survey, conditions monitoring and measuring
  • Installing necessary power meter and other necessary measurable instrument and device onto the existing operation
  • Extrating data and report
  • Arranging for DEMO UNIT if desired
  • Recording measurables with DEMO UNIT in operation
  • Compare data, recommendations and discussion


  • Understanding measurables existing energy consumption, usage and waste of the process
  • Able to establish action plans on sustainablility management
  • With DEMO Unit, user experience with latest high efficiency equipment