Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump & Compressors – elmo Rietschle BV5



Monoblock pumps with the highest volume flow

The block pumps in the L-BV5 family are characterised by a very high suction volume of up to 600 m3/h with suction pressures of up to 33 mbar (abs.) and are primarily used for applications with large quantities of liquids. The L-BV5 also simultaneously works as a condenser while suctioning condensable vapor. This enables the suction volume to be doubled. Reinforced stainless steel shafts, continuously lubricated bearings and a coated pump housing prevent wear and tear caused by solids that are also sucked in, and guarantee constant performance, even after many years of use.


  • Low noise and vibration
  • Energy saving
  • Standard guide ring seals
  • Reinforced stainless steel shafts in the pump section
  • ATEX certified pumps available
  • Long lasting due to ceramic coating
  • Top quality roller bearings