Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump & Compressors – elmo Rietschle BV54



The new liquid ring vacuum pumps can carryover large quantities of liquid – up to 6 m3/h. The effort required for pre-separation of liquids is reduced or preseparation can be completely eliminated. The use of an additional water pump is no longer required in most cases. The Elmo Rietschle pumps primarily prove themselves in applications with damp process gases. They are characterized by an extremely high volume flow (up to 340 m3/h) and achieve intake pressures of 100 mbar (abs.).

Optimizations of the flow geometry in the block pumps have led to very low power requirements and extremely low noise levels. The single-stage, compact, rugged design minimizes the space needed and ensures virtually maintenance free operation. The benefits are obvious. Liquid ring vacuum pumps L-BV54 will considerably reduce your costs for installation, operation and service.


  • High water carryover of up to 6 m3/h
  • No need for pre-separation
  • Very high volume flow
  • Worldwide use thanks to wide voltage range motors
  • Low power requirement
  • Extremely low noise level
  • Enormous reduction in costs for installation, operation and service