Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump – elmo Rietschle G-BH1/9



Classics with innovative technology

With their high inlet volume flow of up to 2,500 m./h and a differential pressure of up to 780 mbar, our low noise G-BH1 side channel blowers have earned their reputation. They are reliable, low maintenance and durable. They deliver 20,000 operating hours without fail and are virtually maintenance free. When used with a frequency converter the performance of the pumps and
compressors can be increased considerably. The G-BH1 side channel blowers are UL/CSA approved and can be used without further testing all over the world. Motors comply with DIN EN 60034 and have IP 55 protection. Available at short notice or ex stock and also as ATEX certified models, it is a classic that has proven its innovative quality.

High temperature blowers up to 200 Deg C (HT Unit)

Modern materials and new technologies call for increasingly high gas temperatures in conveying and drying processes. To permit these innovative processing ideas to be implemented with the minimum of demands on resources, Elmo Rietschle has developed a new series of high temperature side channel blowers. Up to now conveying gases had to be cooled down before they could enter the side channel blower – and upon leaving the vacuum pump they had to be reheated to reach process temperatures. All of which translated into additional costs for machinery and operation. The new Elmo Rietschle high temperature side channel blowers can tolerate up to 200 Deg C and will help you save resources. They come in four sizes.


  • Can be used with gas temperatures up to 200 Deg C (Only HT unit)
  • Wear free
  • Low operating and energy costs
  • Low noise levels, thanks to acoustic engineering
  • Pulsation free
  • Unaffected by dust or fluff
  • 50/60 Hz voltage range motors
  • Frequency converter as optional extra