Rotary Screw Compressor



LeROI Screw Compressors & Packages

We design and build Screw Compressor Packages for gas applications. In general, we purchase the bare block LeROI screw compressor, and design and build skid mounted package in accordance to project and customer’s specifications.

LeROI Gas Screw Compressors are suitable for a wide range of conditions for the Oil & Gas, Industrial, Process and other industries that include vapor recovery, gas-lift to land-fill gas and liquid tank transfer applications.

The rotary screw compressors are to be integrated into gas engine or motor driven compression packages to partially complete packages (modules) to full turnkey packages including PLC’s, VFD’s, enclosures or any option the client desires.


Low maintenance and high reliability are inherent with rotary screws because they have few moving parts. There are no valves, rings or packing to wear out or cause loss of efficiency.

Smooth operation results from no unbalanced forces and no pressure pulsation. No foundation is required and there are no piping vibrations from pressure pulsation. Natural gas engine or electric motor drives are equally acceptable with LeROI rotary screws.

LeROI Rotary Screw Gas Compressors are available in 12 models covering a flow range of 20 to 15,000 MSCFD and horsepower from 10 to 800.

Performance Range

  • Maximum Flow: 16,500 Nm3/hr
  • Maximum Pressure:
    • Single Stage: 25 Barg
    • Double Stage: 35 Barg
    • Maximum Power: 600 kW
  • Available Fully Air-Cooled
  • Able to handle up to 8,000 ppm of H2S