Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump



ES Single Stage Rotary Vane Pumps

The Edwards ES range of pumps represents a significant advancement in single stage oil sealed rotary vane pumps.

  • Enhanced performance:
    Class-Leading Ultimate Vacuum Level & Extended Operating Pressure Range
  • Stability:
    Stable Vacuum Performance, with No Pressure Fluctuations
  • Convenience:
    Combined ISO/BSP Connection, Easily Serviceable on Site
  • Flexibility:
    Use Individually or with Mechanical Booster Pumps, for a Wide Range of Applications


  • Suitable for a wider range of industrial applications, with good water vapour handling
  • Can be serviced on site by the user – higher productivity
  • Easy oil and filter changes – easy to maintain
  • Quieter than most comparable single stage rotary vane pumps
  • Minimal oil emission, environment friendly
  • In-built ISO and BSP connections – ease of integration
  • Fully assembled package with EH boosters – suits a variety of performance requirement, simple and easy

Performance Range

There are five variants in the ES range to suit different requirements. These can be used individually or with the EH range of mechanical booster pumps (variants available from EH250 to EH4200) to increase both performance and ultimate vacuum.
– ES65
– ES100
– ES200
– ES300
– ES630


There are a range of accessories available for easy control of the ES pump

  • Oil level switch
    For remote monitoring of the oil level, to prevent potential damage to the pump Available separately or in combination with a PT100 or a 120˚C sensor.
  • Temperature sensors
    PT100 and the 120˚C temperature sensor to monitor temperature of the oil.
  • Inlet Filter/Inlet Catch pots
    Inlet filers can be used to maximise up-time by preventing debris getting into the pump mechanism. Inlet Catch pots protect the pump from a large volume of condensable vapours.


Edwards ES Pump Animation: